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What is Big Moments in Music?

I’m not a music journalist or an industry professional. I’ve never worked in the music business. Instead, I’m a music aficionado like you, someone who finds solace in the mellifluous strumming of a guitar, in the soul-stirring beats of a drum, in the harmonious blend of voices telling a tale. I’m someone who appreciates the artistry and storytelling of songs, the intricate tapestry of emotions they weave, and the vivid images they paint.

From rock to jazz, classical to hip hop, country to reggae, and everything in between – there’s a rhythm for every mood, a song for every moment. Be it melodies from a bygone era or tunes that have recently graced the airwaves, each one carries within it a unique story, a distinct flavor, a particular message. “Big Moments in Music” is my humble endeavor to dive into those stories, to explore the rich depths of these songs, and to share my discoveries with you.

Here, we’ll embark on a lyrical journey that cuts across genres and time periods. We’ll revisit songs that moved millions, turned heads, and challenged norms.  Along the way, we’ll uncover lesser-known gems that are as poignant as they are profound.

This journey is not about technical analysis or industry insight. It’s about feeling the pulse of the music, understanding its soul, and appreciating the beautiful paradoxes it often presents. It’s about the emotional resonance of a song, the way it connects with us, the ‘big moments’ it creates, and the lasting impact it leaves on our minds and hearts.

So, whether you’re a seasoned listener or a curious novice, “Big Moments in Music” invites you to join this exploration. Because, in the end, we’re all just lovers of music – connecting over shared emotions, unified by the universal language of melody, rhythm, and lyrics.

Welcome to our journey through the great, the impactful, the transformative – welcome to “Big Moments in Music”. Let’s dive into this boundless ocean of sound and sentiment together.

Chris O'Neill

Founder BMIM

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